Indoor Air Quality

Air Cleaners

Paper filters in your heating and cooling unit do a fine job of cleaning out large particles of dust and dander, but smaller hazards like fungi and bacteria can pass right through.

Air Purifiers

What can you do to combat pollutants and promote clean air inside your home for you and your family? You can install an air purifier.

UV Light

When you are looking for an effective way to purify the air inside your home, you should consider installing a UV germicidal lamp.


The smaller, mobile units can be useful if the problem is localized to just one room, but if you want consistent comfort throughout the entire house than a centralized unit that works with your HVAC system may be the answer.


Maintaining the correct humidity levels in your home creates a healthy atmosphere, especially during winter when the air is dry. Air that is too dry removes moisture from the hair, skin, nose, throat, and mucous membranes.


A thermostat is the brain of the heating and air conditioning system. We can service a variety of modern thermostats such as programmable thermostats, WiFi thermostats, and remote control thermostats.