AC Repair

We are experts at air conditioner installation, air conditioning repair and maintenance for most types of AC units.

Furnace Repair

Whether you are looking for a company that offers regular maintenance and repair service for heaters and furnaces or you need someone who provides emergency repair when heaters or furnaces break down, we can help.

Heat Pumps

Installing a heat pump can bring you and your home several benefits. At Air Excellence, we sell, install, and maintain heat pumps.

HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance helps save money by avoiding unnecessary repairs. Learn more about your HVAC system and determine which maintenance tasks you can do yourself and which ones should be entrusted to a professional HVAC contractor.

Air Cleaners & Purifiers

With doors and windows battened down to protect from the cold, the inside of the home has become an ideal breeding ground for viral infections. Paper filters in your heating and cooling unit do a fine job of cleaning out large particles of dust and dander, but smaller hazards like fungi and bacteria can pass right through.

And More!

Along with the services we already talked about, we provide several others! At Air Excellence, we want to be your one-stop-shop for everything. Click the button below to see more of our services!